JR Premier Designs is a locally owned and operated family business. We are an all-inclusive general contractor with Interior Design services. We work with clients at any stage of their home project, including custom home construction, remodeling, layout configuration and interior design projects. As our client, you are the centerpiece of our design approach.


The Owner

I started off working in the corporate world before starting JR Premier Designs. While I was working in the corporate environment, I was simultaneously doing interior design for friends and family as a hobby and fueling my true passion. During this time, my loved ones encouraged me to change directions and start my own construction and design business. I’ve always loved interior design, the unique challenges it presents and specifically the layout and flow of a home.

With 22 years of experience working in the interior design and remodeling industry, it’s given me an exceptional understanding of the Lincoln housing market and projects that will help homeowners increase the value of their home and give them a home they can enjoy for years to come. The most important thing when designing a space is the personal design approach I take with each client. Every design must not only reflect the style of the client but also best address their living needs and desires. I pride myself on the ability to see what a project will look like before it comes to full fruition simply by planning and looking at the floor plan. I’m present every step of the way throughout the project and ensure that my client’s expectations are met and exceeded. 


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