Featured Project: Bathroom Remodel

FEATURED PROJECT: Bathroom Remodel

Is your bathroom looking a little dated these days? It’s okay. You aren’t the only one suffering from dated fixtures, flooring, and even layout! Jeff explores this a bit more this month in his bathroom refresh project. Click to watch!


Our remodel clients benefit from hiring us by not only receiving experienced remodeling service but also our interior design service, at no additional cost. We begin our first meeting with clients by asking questions to get to know them and their style! This is vital when it comes to designing their space. We want our client’s personal touch and the way they live in their homes to shine through each project from not only a functionality perspective but also aesthetics. There is no wasted space when we design a renovation plan for your home. We focus on making the projects we work on livable and fit each client’s wishes. We marry the best of both worlds in every single project. Our focus for each project is to not only create a beautiful space but also to ensure that it makes the space function better for our clientele.


Jeff talks about color and your design style.


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