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Initially, our founder, Jeff Bohmont, was extremely frustrated with the new-build opportunities available for potential clients. The problem was there were few companies willing to design truly custom homes, based on people’s actual desires and needs. These companies avoided truly custom homes because the price point was unattainable for them. Their approach focused on economies of scale and to only design a handful of floor plans and make small changes to them for each client. He began working on new-builds for clients because he wanted to give clients a truly customized and cost-efficient home 

approach with a focus on building homes for clients that meet their wish list and not a variety of modified cookie-cutter models. JR Design’s approach is to create a client’s dream home and focus on our client’s wish list for their perfect outcome, specifically. Each home is unique and we make sure the design fits the client’s lifestyle and their desires. No space is wasted when we plan our homes. Size doesn’t matter when it comes to the client’s dream home and we’re focused on making truly specialized homes for each client – large or small.


We’re hard at work on a fun, new project. Stay tuned for more information about project scope, progress, and finishes!

Our Design Approach

Like the people we work with, every one of our designs is unique. Our founder, Jeff Bohmont, is a design and remodeling artisan. We have built our business around his unique ability to combine the client’s functional requirements, individual style, and budget to ultimately create a personalized showpiece within their space.

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